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To set and raise the standards of online data analysis and to combine tailored digital technology that works, with beautiful design and bring it to you; our valued clients. For one must not be without the other in the ever so rapidly evolving digital world.

About Us

Here at Mad Appe, we don’t monkey around. We consider ourselves a group of mad people united by our singular desire to change the face of digital marketing globally. We’ll achieve this by putting a great face on an even greater body. Relax! We mean perfectly designed digital technology that works and looks damn good! We encompass a deep passion to help businesses engage with their customers and to change how we use technology - to a way that’s just that little bit more artistic and with a touch of romance.

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Innovative and Effective Digital Solutions

Our services are not limited to our website design, cross-platform apications or our analytics services. It's survival of the fittest out there and we provide a range of marketing strategies and consultancy services to tackle all of your business needs. While you're with us, watch your competitors go bananas!
Anna Rotenberg

Mobile Development

We redefine the standards for Mobile App solutions, combining eye-catching design with impeccable usability.

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Website Development

Beauty, Utility and Functionality. We design responsive websites that maximise your digital presence.

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The heart of Mad Appe acts as your customised management system for your website. We deliver the CMS with MAD user interface and user experience for you that you would want to come back for more!

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The all-in-one service that covers the fundamentals of digital media. We help you madly expand your business in this growing digital age with engaging contents, mad campaigns and the strategy to stay on top of the chain. No matter if it's Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google... we got them covered!

Think Tech, Get Creative
Ideas Mad Perfect

Madly Efective


We are Ideas and Action People
People who understand what it means to be a start up and what it is like to work with sharks



Obsessed with Digital Marketing, Big Data and Mysterious Monsters. Come on! That’s a good combination.



Chief Executive Officer

Always strive for perfection. No matter the reuslt, you will catch greatness.

Anna Rotenberg


Managing Director

All limits should be pushed. If you fail, it will simply build character.

Anna Rotenberg


Marketing Director

I chose this career path over fashion, if that’s not mad then what is?

Anna Rotenberg


Digital Consultant

Simplicity and data driven ingenuity are a must, accept nothing less.

Behind The Scene


Chief Creative Officer

Designs and codes wisely with a Pitbull beside her

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